Steve Nash doesn't want to pay child support

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Posted: Monday, April 29, 2013 7:52 am

When it comes to pro-athletes, there aren't many slam dunks in the legal game of divorce settlements. Declaring bankruptcy or being the victim of a ponzi scheme is probably less financially damaging than getting divorced for a male pro-athlete. That’s because judges always rule in favor of the ex-wife. It doesn’t matter if the guy cheated or not. If you're rich and getting divorced you might as well say goodbye to at least half of your money.

Lakers point guard Steve Nash has beaten the odds, and won a small victory in the custody game with his ex-wife Alejandra Nash over their 3 kids (one of the very few games he has been winning lately). A judge who handled their divorce has ruled she was not entitled to child support. She is currently appealing the ruling.

Steve convinced the divorce judge that his ex-wife doesn't need child support because he made her a millionaire in the divorce settlement.  She also pulls in more than $30k a month, according to TMZ. That is a pretty decent salary for someone who is just a celebrity ex-wife (actually being a celebrity ex-wife is one of the most lucrative jobs in America). It appears Alejandra doesn’t believe it’s enough, though, and is demanding more.

Alejandra says Steve makes a million bucks more than her every month, and it's unfair he's not forced to use some of it for the benefit of their kids. I guess that extra million is the difference between the kids getting into millionaire school.

Steve claims he is paying 90% of medical, school and extracurricular activities, and  82% of the nanny's $2k a month salary. That’s right! Steve Nash’s nanny apparently makes 2 thousand dollars a month. I guess rich people are willing to pay anything to avoid raising their own kids.  

Nash says he's worried if he pays more, she's will spoil and damage the kids. That’s a reasonable concern. You don’t want to spoil your kids and have them end up like Kardashian sisters (the worst fear of any parent.)

Alejandra apparently also wants to move to L.A., but Steve is objecting. That would bring him closer to his kids, but it will also beef up the child support bill. California is known for its strict child support laws. So, Steve has a hard choice to make; either fight against his kids moving closer to him, or fork up some more cash.

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